Exploring Swedish Models for Missoula’s “All Under One Roof” Partnership

All Under One Roof  is currently working with leading architects to design a new, state-of-the-art Missoula Public Library that will support all county library branches. Unlike any other in the nation, it will seamlessly bring the Children’s Museum Missoula, Missoula Community Access Television, spectrUM Discovery Area with its other educational partners from the University of Montana under a single roof. This “under one roof” model, popular in Scandinavia, creates vibrant, one-stop-shop learning and allows partners and communities leverage their resources for maximum impact.sweden_postcard-rcf4ec31f63204e83b86003cb800c616b_vgbaq_8byvr_324

From October 3-10, 2015, representatives from the Missoula Public Library, the University of Montana, spectrUM, and the Missoula community will go on a fact-finding mission to Sweden to learn more about this model. Participants will visit two current Swedish culture houses as well as one in the planning. Together, we will explore landmark structures and institutions and bring their ideas back to the Missoula public.

At each site, we will meet with librarians, museum curators, community leaders, and users of these spaces. Our photographer will capture each space and its many uses, with the goal of understanding how these museums, libraries, and other cultural organizations coexist and co-create programming in shared environments in order to influence the design of Missoula’s new library and the national museum-library field. Throughout the tour, we will blog about our findings and share images and experiences to help inform our community as we create an “All Under One Roof” cultural center of our own.


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